While most editing services just do a quick grammar, punctuation and spell check, we give all content a THOROUGH edit — a deep clean. This includes reworking sentences for clarity and conciseness, checking facts and even fixing spacing issues.

We can clean up your blogging, branding, business, career, dating, education, nonprofit, personal and wedding websites; emails; resumes; social media sites; and marketing and promotional materials (e.g., ads, banners, billboards, brochures, business cards, flyers, invitations, manuals, menus, pamphlets, save-the-date cards, signs) … just to name a few!

Our editing rates start at 10 cents a word and reflect the following:
• Original condition of text
• Number of facts to be verified and links to be checked
• Requested turnaround time
• Editing option preference (please see below)
• 10 percent introductory discount for new clients

We offer two convenient editing options:
1. We can make changes directly to copy that you email to us. You receive two sets of documents: one that shows our fixes in Track Changes mode and one that shows the final edited copy.
2. We can make changes directly to your publishing platform through the use of a temporary login that you share with us. We are most familiar with WordPress and Movable Type but can easily navigate a number of content management systems. We will also supply you with a Track Changes document detailing the fixes we made. If you or your web developer feel more comfortable making the fixes, we’re happy to provide you with an easy-to-follow and detailed Track Changes document for your convenience — no temporary login required.

Call us at 888-767-EDIT (3348), email us at edit@cleansweepcopy.com or fill out the form below for a free consultation!